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    I am very pleased with this whole cases outcome. He was always available monday through sunday to answer phone calls for me. My charges were dismissed I AM SATISFIED. GREAT LAWYER

    shana b.
  • Criminal Defense Jonesboro

    Byron is the best and I recommend him highly. Hired him for my wife's case and he exceeded our expectations! Got the case dismissed and saved us the stress of flying in from abroad!!

    Sampson O.
  • Criminal Defense Jonesboro

    Around the end of March a car accident occured that also hit the tail of my car. Im driving with a learners permit and the officer gives me two tickets for violation of permit AND texting and driving. Mind you i was alone and i was not even on my phone i showed him my phone and all i had was a phonecall that was near the time of the incident. Lawyer Byron boosted my court date up for me and i got my drivers license. When we showed to court he was able to get my case dismissed, didn't stay there long. I say he did his job right!

    Tania Z.
  • Criminal Defense Jonesboro

    I hired Mr. Morgan in 2015 when I was falsely accused of a hit and run. Due to the way my case evolved I didn't need him until Jan 2017. He jumped right in and went to work for me! He kept me informed and gave great advice every step of the way! He returned every call and even texted. I got the best possible outcome for my case. I would hope to never need him again but I wouldn't consider anyone else.

    Fancy's C.
  • Criminal Defense Jonesboro

    I got a citation in Clayton County Georgia for laying drags. I was faced with losing my license 12months in prison plus $1000 in fines. Byron M. Morgan saved my Christmas. I highly recommend him as a great lawyer that will work with you and get you the results that you need. He got my case dismissed and I'm thankful for that.

    Carvin R.
  • Criminal Defense Jonesboro

    When i was cought in atl airport with 38grms of medicinal cannabis extract traveling from my home state of Oregon to Boca Raton fl for a family reunion I thought that my life had changed forever but Byron worked diligently and brought new and creative arguments wich led to the case being resolved with a misdemeanor

    William B.