Five Tips for Successful Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonesboro

Major felonies, drug crimes, or serious traffic violations are a few reasons to consult a criminal defense attorney. Ideally, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action for you under the law.

However, while a trusted legal representative can offer a confidential consultation, proactive preparation is needed from your end. With a few tips in mind, you will be able to handle initial interactions with the authorities.

So, to help shed some light on the same, the Law Office of M. Byron Morgan has listed five tips to help you prepare for a successful criminal defense.

Tip #1: Remain silent
When questioned by the authorities, you have the right to remain silent. We suggest that you do so, as you do not want to say anything that may end up being used against you in the court of law.

Tip #2: If you must talk to the police, get a lawyer
If you have to talk to the police, it’s crucial to have a lawyer present to guide you and prevent you from saying things that you regret later. A lawyer will be able to inform you if the line of questioning is appropriate.

Tip #3: When talking to police, let your lawyer answer your questions
A lawyer has been in these situations many times before and has the expertise to tackle tough questions. So let them do what they do best, as it will prevent you from buckling under the pressure and falling into an unnecessary trap.

Tip #4: Take your lawyer’s advice
Your lawyer has vast experience and education in legal procedures, which will help you when pleading your innocence in front of a judge. So, never take their advice for granted, as they will assist you in making the right decisions and getting the verdict that you desire.

Tip #5: Realize what your rights are
You have the right to remain silent, the right to hear, see, and cross-examine all witnesses, and the right to testify if you want. You also have the right to subpoena witnesses or evidence on your behalf, the right to a trial by jury, and the right to make the state prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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