Life Changes Due To COVID-19

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Massive changes occurred because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Most people and companies were unsure of how they would keep up. While some of them had to shut shop and work remotely, others chose to temporarily shut because their work meant socializing with people in person, and everyone was afraid that they would catch COVID.

There is no escaping the changes when it comes to the law, and there were so many challenges I had to get through. As an attorney, there were multiple pending tasks that I had to get through, but the challenge was that I had to slow down because a lot of courts were shutting, and people were not always available to get through the process.

I am aware of the changes taking place and working on making sure I can deal with them. Every time they pass a new rule, I work on keeping up and executing it so it works well for our clients. It’s speculation as to how COVID-19 is going to affect the criminal defense world in the next six months. I feel like I would see more jury trials soon because I have a lot of catching up to do considering the pandemic and things being significantly slower then.

COVID has made some significant changes to most of the businesses that were running for the longest time. In our line of work, I haven’t had large numbers of jury trials since the pandemic started, which backed up the whole system.

I had to make any changes to the practices I was running, and one of the most significant ones was the way I was now communicating with our clients. I tend to do more on zoom and via phone than I did before. The two platforms that I use the most are WebEx and Zoom. I did not have much choice because I could not meet many of my clients in person. After all, there were high chances that they might catch the Coronavirus. Overall though, I do get a few things done from the offices. Additionally, I do a lot of zoom court appearances from home. Overall, however, there are some technological challenges with working remotely. However, the biggest challenge is having to wait on jury trials. 

When it comes to meetings at the office, I made changes to the number of people who are allowed to visit us. I restricted large numbers of people from coming to the office, and have measures in place to make sure that the ones coming to the office are safe. I disinfect after every visitor. The staff wears masks when in contact with other people, and they have to maintain a good amount of social distance when trying to get through the process. I also stick to the same working hours I followed in the past, which makes the processes that I have to get through easier and allows our clients to catch up with us. It was challenging for most to keep up with offices constantly changing their timings.

I am open to meeting people in person if they are open to these meetings. However, a large number prefer only coordinating virtually because of the changes and possibility of catching COVID. If they are open to meeting in person, I would call them to the office or make a trip to meet them wherever they are. Additionally, I visit people in jail regularly and meet clients or people paying our fees regularly. I also handle various virtual calls and comparatively many more virtual calls in a day than in-person meetings. I am also looking for the opportunity to take part in virtual public events and Business Expos. I’m busier now than I have ever been. Most of that is trying to get people out of jail.

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